Residents living in a City Cou...


Residents living in a City Council complex say living conditions are a disgrace

Kellie Murphy
Kellie Murphy

01:15 1 Mar 2024

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Residents living in a City Council housing complex in Togher say their living conditions are a disgrace.

There’s moldy damp walls in kitchens and bathrooms of the apartments and cracked paint on the balconies.

Michael Linehan was told to not use his back garden which has hazardous exposed drain pipes when he moved 8 years ago.

Speaking to RedFM News, Michael says the repairs sill haven’t been done:

Like you're looking at the state of the balconies, the state of the flats themselves, the bathrooms are like 18th century like I only have a bath, not an electric shower since I moved in and that's going on 7 years. So to be honest, that's a disgrace."


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