Pubs And Restaurants Well Prep...


Pubs And Restaurants Well Prepared For Resumption Of Indoor Dining

RedFM News
RedFM News

05:48 21 Jul 2021

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That's according to Paul Montgomery, the owner of Clancys Bar who was speaking as indoor hospitality is set to return on Monday.

President Michael D. Higgins signed new legislation into law earlier today and hundreds of pubs and restaurants

across the county are preparing to reopen for indoor service next Monday.


Here in Cork a number of publicans have announced their intention to postpone their indoor dining service as their young staff have not yet been vaccinated

The Bulman in Kinsale and Longboats in Blackrock, announced they won't be bringing back indoor dining on Monday and Benny McCabe who owns 13 pubs across the city says he will wait and see how long it takes for workers to get vaccinated before reopening inside

Speaking to RedFM News, Clancy's owner Paul Montgomery says they are ready, willing and able to welcome guests indoors:

"Technology isn't an issue for us in any way. Because people have bookings in the main, and when they come along, we'll have time at the door. We've been doing temperature checks for ages anyway last year, so we will check everything as people come in, and we'll make sure that things are done right so I've absolutely no anxiety about that. We lucky in the venues we have. We have a lot of very well trained staff and we have big staff numbers and we have big venues so we will be ready, willing and able to do this correctly."


Pubs And Restaurants Well Prepared For Resumption Of Indoor Dining

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