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Department Of Health Accused Of Prolonging Suffering Of Medical Staff Suffering From Long Covid

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09:42 8 Jul 2023

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The Department of Health is being accused of prolonging the suffering of medical staff who are still suffer from Covid 19.

Close on 250 HSE staff were infected before personal protective equipment became available, and are still out of work.

The Irish Nurses' and Midwives' Organisation says the government here is out of step with the rest of Europe in putting proper financial arrangements in place.

Spokesperson Albert Murphy says his members are financially out of pocket and the government is being heartless on the matter:

"I have members that are contacting us and saying, 'Look, I'm really concerned because I don't know where I'm going to land in terms of my pay into the future. I've mortgages to pay, bills to pay, cost of living..." So it's really been reprehensible that the government said last year there won't be a cliff edge, but they won't come and make an agreement and that's why we're in the WRC on Monday".

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