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Places to travel for Christmas Markets when Cork Airport reopens

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12:49 9 Nov 2021

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The Covid-19 pandemic put a lot of our travel plans on hold, so what better time to grab your bags and jet off then this Christmas. 

Cork airport is set to reopen on the 22nd of November, and we have compiled a list of destinations that you can fly too, to see some of the world’s most amazing Christmas Markets. 

So, grab your winter woolies and get booking the time off work because you won’t want to miss out on these. 

Christmas Market Destinations to visit from Cork Airport: 

  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Home to more than five Christmas Markets, Amsterdam is an absolute no brainer to visit. Whether you want to ice-skate with friends, take a boat trip down the canals during the Amsterdam Light Festival or just eat all the delicious food, Amsterdam has it all. 

  • Birmingham, United Kingdom 

A German Christmas Market in Birmingham? Why not! An hour and a half is the average flight time from Cork to Birmingham, quicker than driving to Dublin! The market was initially supposed to be a once-off event in 1997, however the market has since become an annual feature in Birmingham. 

  • Bordeaux, France 

Although Bordeaux has extremely hot temperatures in the summer months, the winter is extremely cold. The Christmas Market of Bordeaux, or Marché de Noël Bordeaux in French, is the home to 130 wooden huts and is located at the Allée de Tourney Square. This is one of the biggest Christmas markets in the region. 

  • Frankfurt, Germany 

Although, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is not yet clear if the Frankfurt Christmas Market will go ahead, we are still holding out hope. The Christmas market has been traced back to 1393 and the organisers have said that they are: “currently working at top speed to organise the market in accordance with the currently prevailing Covid-19 guidelines and regulations.” 

  • Geneva, Switzerland 

Announcing the new weekly route from Cork Airport to Geneva this week, there’s no better time than to hope on a Swiss flight and experience The Marché de Noël à Montreux Christmas Market. This is the main Christmas market in Montreux, it consists of approximately 170 stalls and huts on the edge of Lake Geneva, the covered market (Marché Couvert), and in Grand Rue. 

  • Naples, Italy 

The National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa will again this year open its doors to the "Christmas Markets Naples". Last year the market had an estimated 60 thousand visitors and with the array of crafts, food, atmosphere, and lights, we are not surprised. 

  • Paris, France 

You will be spoilt for choice if you visit the home of the Eiffel Tower as during a typical year, about 15 to 20 Christmas Markets appear across the city. The biggest and what’s said to be the best Christmas Market in Paris is ‘Tuileries Garden.’ Located right beside the Louvre you can spend the day looking at the Mona Lisa and the evening drinking hot chocolate underneath the Christmas lights. 

  • Poznan, Poland 

Although not the most popular tourist destination in Poland, Poznan is the home of so much of Poland’s history. It is one of the oldest cities in Poland and should be your go to if you’re looking for a less crowded Christmas Market to visit. 

  • Wroclaw, Poland 

Again, the official announcement on whether or not the Christmas Market in Wroclaw will go ahead this year due to the pandemic is yet unknown. However, we’re holding out hope as the city is currently planning as if it will go ahead. The Christmas Market in Wroclaw will be taking place in four main areas: The Market Square (Rynek),The Salt Square (Plac Solny), Świdnicka Street and Oławska Street. 

  • Zurich, Switzerland 

This market is a shopper's paradise as it is situated between two of the city’s biggest department stores: Jelmoli and Globus. Not only that but it is the home to gorgeous wooden chalets that are stocked full of all the finest swiss crafts, food and drink. 

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