Over €85,000 Raised To Help Pa...


Over €85,000 Raised To Help Passage West Woman Get Cancer Treatment

RedFM News
RedFM News

02:45 19 Feb 2022

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Over 85,000 euro has been raised to help a Passage West woman pay for cancer treatment.

A GoFundMe campaign was launched just three days ago for the Cork mother of three.

Tom Douglas has more for RedFM News:

"Mother of three, Laura Swan was diagnosed with an incurable Bile Duct Cancer in April 2016.

She was given between 8 months and a year to live.

Since then, she has undergone over 200 chemotherapy infusions, but is currently too poorly to undergo more.

A targeted therapy, which is specifically for the rare mutation found in her tumours, was approved by the FSA in the States last August.

She says her oncologist Dr Derek Power in the Mercy University Hospital Cork has been trying to access the medication for her on compassionate grounds but hasn't succeeded, as it isn’t yet approved in Europe.

Instead, she is fundraising to pay for the drug privately - at a cost of over 14,000 euro per month.

She believes this is her only option to prolong her life with her three children.

So far, over 500 people have donated to her GoFundMe fundraiser, bringing her to within 5,000 euro of her target.

Tom Douglas, RedFM News"

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