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Motorists Using Dunkettle Interchange Will Experience First 'Free-Flowing Junction' From Today

RedFM News
RedFM News

08:41 9 Jul 2023

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Motorists using the Dunkettle interchange will enjoy the first 'free-flowing junction' from today.

A number of link roads will open from today accompanied by the removal of virtually all traffic lights on the interchange roundabout.

It's hoped this new stage of the project will show motorists how the completed Dunkettle Interchange will operate along with cutting down on travel times.

The new link roads are a sign that the 215 million euro infrastructure project is on track, with a majority of the work expected to be wrapped up by the end of the year.

Several link roads have opened since early last year when the first link road to open took M8 southbound traffic on a new route to the tunnel.

Three more links opened in October of last year along with four the following month.

In February of this year, another link road into Little Island was opened.

Six new link roads are to open from this morning with the majority of the traffic lights at the Interchange Roundabout also removed.

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