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Minister for Public Expenditure isn’t open to reducing VAT rate for businesses

Kellie Murphy
Kellie Murphy

05:00 21 Feb 2024

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The Minister for Public Expenditure says he isn’t open to reducing the VAT rate for small businesses

Paschal Donohoe says a VAT reduction would cost the Government up to €800m.

A sweep of closures were announced across Cork recently while others raised their prices as they struggle with the high costs of running a business.

Speaking to RedFM News, Minister for Public Expenditure Paschal Donohoe says he wants to look at other ways Government can alleviate costs for businesses:

"Changing that VAT would cost between 700m and 800m, it's not something I believe we should do, instead we should is look at all of the different things that are creating costs for businesses, and see what we can do across all businesses to alleviate costs and support them for their businesses."

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