March Underway In City As Trad...


March Underway In City As Trade Union Fórsa Stages Solidary Protest Outside City Library

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01:09 7 Jul 2023

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A march is underway in the city after trade union Fórsa staged a solidary protest outside the city library.

A protest by a group opposed to an LGBT+ book was also held outside the library at the same time.

Gardaí kept the two groups apart, however there was one very small scuffle between members of the groups.

Fórsa members used loud hailers to try to drown out the microphone and speakers of the other group before the trade union led a march from Grand Parade to City Hall.

Liz Fay from Fórsa in Cork says the City Council must do more to protect library staff:

"I would imagine that they are no longer enjoying the prospect of opening the doors in the morning because they don't know what to face. They are supported by Library Management and Senior Management within the library. They're feeling very much cast adrift when it comes to the umbrella, so the management within City Hall, the Senior Management in HR, the City Manager, the City Councillors have a duty of care and an obligation to uphold duty of care to those employees. So they're cast adrift at the moment. They're feeling very much on their own, and they need the support of the Council. They need support to have those vile images, that footage removed from the internet so that they can be protected going forward".

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