Mallow Celebrates Pilot Who Co...


Mallow Celebrates Pilot Who Completed Emergency Landing On Cork Racecourse 40 Years Ago

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RedFM News

12:38 21 Apr 2023

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Mallow in Cork celebrates the life of a pilot who completed an emergency landing on the racecourse 40 years ago.

Captain Ruben Ocana was forced to land his jet after running low on fuel on a flight from the US to Munich.

He gained popularity in the town while he stayed there, and his family has returned to scatter his ashes on the racecourse this evening.

One of the organisers of 'Ocana Fest' - Trina Scanlon - says the story of his landing made international headlines:

"This was back in the 80s, in the middle of recession. Something like this happening in Mallow and bringing the press, and bringing all these people to Mallow, all all these tourists to Mallow was amazing for the economy, and amazing for Ireland and tourism, amazing for cork tourism. I think everybody just embraced that. It was a really feel good story at the time".

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