Mahon at the foot of the table...


Mahon at the foot of the table in the IBAL litter survey

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07:19 9 Jan 2023

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The final litter survey of 2022 by business group Irish Business Against Litter has shown Cork City Centre and Mahon struggling towards the foot of the ranking of cities and towns nationwide

Of the 40 towns surveyed, Mahon was bottom of the table and deemed "seriously littered", while Cork city centre was ranked 18th and deemed littered.

Cork's northside is in the "moderately littered" category, while Midleton fared far better, and is ranked 10th, and deemed "Cleaner than European norms"

Naas in County Kildare has won the Irish Business Against Litter Award for the second year in a row.

Waterford was deemed the tidiest City for the third year in a row followed closely by Galway.

Conor Horgan of Irish Business Against Litter says some urban areas are getting tidier with each passing year while others are not.

"Dublin's north inner city which was a little black spot continues to improve. We can say the same about Galvone in Limerick city also an area that was a little black spot.

"Unfortunately, not the same good news around Cork, Cork city centre, which was clean for many years is again littered and Mahon is at the very foot of our table, and it's branded as seriously littered."

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