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Irish Neutrality Campaign Organise Protest In Cork Earlier Today Against Dutch Navy Vessels In Irish Waters

RedFM News
RedFM News

01:11 26 Nov 2022

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A group calling themselves the Irish Neutrality Campaign organised a protest in Cork earlier today protesting against the presence of Dutch navy vessels in Cork waters.

Organisers say the four Dutch NATO navy vessels in Cork represent a breach of Irish neutrality.

In a statement to RedFM News, a spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs said:

"Visits from foreign naval vessels are a long-standing and common practice in Ireland and worldwide. It is therefore normal and welcome for foreign naval vessels to visit Irish ports. Foreign naval vessels are only granted permission to visit Irish ports on condition that they meet the necessary policy stipulations. In particular, these require that naval vessels visiting Irish ports do not carry nuclear weapons and do not engage in military exercises. These are the standard stipulations for any naval vessel to visit an Irish port.

Ireland’s longstanding policy of neutrality is characterised by non-membership of military alliances and means that we do not participate in common or mutual defence arrangements. In this context, port visits like this one are simply a reflection of our engagement and friendly relations with our neighbours. The Irish Naval Service regularly visits foreign ports in the same manner".

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