IHF: Hoteliers Need To Keep


IHF: Hoteliers Need To Keep "Putting Best Foot Forward" When Recruiting Staff

RedFM News
RedFM News

12:38 11 Dec 2022

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Hoteliers need to keep "putting their best foot forward" when it comes to recruiting staff.

That's according to the chairperson of the Irish Hotel Federation's Cork Branch, Joe Kennedy.

Representatives from Fáilte Ireland, the Irish Hotel's Federation and the Restaurant's Association of Ireland held a jobs fair in Spain last month to help fill the estimated 22,000 job vacancies in Ireland hospitality sector.

Speaking to RedFM News, Joe Kennedy says recruitment is an ongoing process:

"We putting your best foot forward in recruiting people. We have regrown jobs to about 90% of the total jobs in the industry, which has been a tremendous success, really. Lots of industries are challenged to get people. So as an industry, we have to be good employers, we have to make a better experience for the employee, and thankfully that's happening, we have more to do. And we can't really take our eyes off it for a minute because we have to be... We're not as short as we were, but we have to be continuously making sure that we're recruiting and putting our best foot forward"."

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