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Government Senator calls for free public transport for next five years in bid to tackle climate crisis

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RedFM News

06:54 12 Aug 2021

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It follows a new report from the Environmental Protection Agency which confirms climate change is having a significant impact on Ireland.

It warns there will be more extreme weather events and that rain has increased by 6 per cent over the last 30 years.

Fianna Fáil Senator Timmy Dooley says the Government should subsidise the fares on all public transport to get more cars off the road:

"That's a loss of income of about 900 million, and recognising then, that if you offer public transport for free, you're going to have a considerably greater number of people utilising it which is the objective of it. So if you estimate that as another close to a billion. The net cost of it may be 2 billion per year but you can't look at things like that in just the cost alone, you've got to look at the positive impact it will have."

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