Fishermen In West Cork Feel


Fishermen In West Cork Feel "Voiceless"

RedFM News
RedFM News

07:59 28 Jun 2022

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Fishermen in West Cork feel so "voiceless" that they are considering tying up their trawlers - to force the government to take the crisis within the industry seriously.

That's according to the CEO of the Irish South & West Fish Producer's Organisation, Patrick Murphy.

They are meeting with the Minister for the Marine, Charlie McConalogue, next week, along with other fishing organisations, to get the government to provide similar state assistance for fuel as that given to French and Spanish boats.

They claim that EU funds are there to support the Irish fishing industry; and that the Irish government just needs to draw it down.

The County Council heard reports earlier this week that the skyrocketing cost of fuel is resulting in trawlers staying tied up, which is having huge effect on the whole economy.

Speaking to RedFM News, Patrick Murphy says fishermen and their families wouldn't even consider a strike if they any other option:

"They feel voiceless. We've carried this message to government. We have a meeting with the Minister on the 6th. We don't feel they understand the gravity of the situation that we're in. These are family-run businesses. This is the time of the year that you earn money. Long days. Seas are fairly calm and smooth. So you wouldn't choose normally to stop fishing; you'd be at full tilt. So for them to even think about tying up for any period of time just shows the crisis that they're in".

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