Creche owners consider rejecti...


Creche owners consider rejecting Government funding to raise fees

Kellie Murphy
Kellie Murphy

01:50 10 Jul 2024

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The owner of a creche in Innishannon says she’s heavily considering rejecting Government funding and upping her fees.

Early years providers have spent the last year calling for urgent support for the sector.

Creche owners say the funding model which supports parents doesn’t match the cost of running a business and many are considering opting out of the scheme and raising their rates.

Averil Keane who owns Care-a-Lot childcare in Innishannon told RedFM News that although the move will impact parents, it might be the only option to keep her business afloat:

"Insurance, rates, electricty, heating and the funding isn't matching it so I'm really pinned to the collar so I'm going to have to come off the core funding to try and help myself to keep my businesses afloat. By me upping my fees, they're not getting the full entitlements from the national childcare scheme which kind of outweighs the whole thing of the parents getting money off their hourly fee."

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