Cork woman says her calls over...


Cork woman says her calls over a decade for changes in the Mental Health Act are "falling on deaf ears"

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RedFM News

12:17 22 Apr 2022

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A Cork woman whose husband and daughters died in a murder suicide in Ballycotton 12 years ago says her calls for changes in the Mental Health Act are "falling on deaf ears"

Una Butler has been campaigning for the mandatory inclusion of the family in the treatment and care of a family member suffering with their mental health - particularly if there are children living in the household

In November 2010 Una's husband John killed their young daughters - 6 year-old Ella and 2 year-old Zoe before taking his own life.
Una believes that if she had been involved in his care, without breaking patient confidentiality, then her daughters would be alive today

53 children have been murdered in Ireland since 2000 and over half of the perpetrators, the parents that killed their children, had prior contact with the psychiatric services

Speaking to RedFM News Una says she has contacted countless Ministers and the Taoiseach appealing for change in order for the patient to be treated appropriately and to prevent further deaths

"For the the welfare of children, I believe that it should be made mandatory that a partner or a spouse should be involved to give their side of the story to the health professionals in order for the patient to be treated appropriately, for the family to be involved, for the welfare of children, in order to prevent further cases from happening. I believe that the health professionals will not have to rely solely on what the patient is telling them, and they're missing a big opportunity of valuable information. looking back in hindsight, I'm saying I should have been involved in my husband's treatment to give my side of the story and for the welfare of my children. I believe that Zoe and Ella would be alive today"

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