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Cork Transport And Mobility Forum: Car-Free Day In City Would Have Huge Positive Impact For Locals And Businesses

RedFM News
RedFM News

02:30 20 Feb 2023

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The Cork Transport and Mobility Forum say a Car-Free day in the city would have a huge positive impact for locals and businesses.

The day is part of European Mobility Week and is usually held in late September, however the city did not take part in last year’s event.

A section of Douglas Street was closed to traffic on Sunday the 25th of September between midday and 6pm and was described as a success by the street’s business association.

Darren McAdam O’Connell is the Co-ordinator for the Cork Transport and Mobility Forum.

He told RedFM News that research has shown that businesses do better when areas are pedestrianised:

"Most of the cars that are parked into the city centre are commuting workers. The majority of spend in the city is people who take the bus, people who walk, people who cycle and people who live in the city centre full-time. Research also shows very clearly that when you make the streets a more pleasant place to be, more people come, more people spend money. The people who really benefit are the people who still have to drive because they're the ones who are stuck in the congestion"

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