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Cork Simon's Facilities "Packed To The Rafters" As They Support Homeless People Through Cold Snap

RedFM News
RedFM News

07:17 13 Dec 2022

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Cork Simon's facilities are "packed to the rafters" as they work to support homeless people through the current cold snap.

That's according to Cork Simon's Paul Sheehan.

He was speaking as the charity is experiencing the highest ever demand for its services.

A report by the City Council's Community and Culture Department recommended that those who are struggling with the cold to use community builldings like libraries to stay warm.

Speaking to RedFM News, Paul Sheehan details the efforts that Cork Simon is making to support those with nowhere to live:

"Our emergency accommodation has been "Packed to the rafters", pretty much every night since the cold snap started over a week ago and we will continue to make every bit of floor space we can available for people, as long as the cold snap is with us. You ,know we've got 47 beds in our emergency shelter. We have a nightlight service which is essentially mattresses on the floor of our Day Service. We've got every bit of extra floor space and we've got people sleeping under a landing. It is packed of the rafters but, you know, we're able to offer as many people as possible a bit of respite from the lighting cold weather".

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