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Cork Restauranteur To Donate Proceeds From Pizza Sales To Support Trócaire’s Work In Palestine 

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12:44 7 Oct 2022

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A Cork restauranteur is to donate all the takings from pizza sales next Monday (October 10th) to support Trócaire’s work supporting the people of Palestine.

Chef and owner of Locale Roman Pizza in Carrigaline, Omar Boustany, said he has been moved to raise funds for the millions of Palestinians who are suffering due to the Israeli occupation of Palestine which has seen many lose their land and banished from their homes.

His incredible gesture is being supported by staff who have agreed to work for free on Monday, while generous suppliers are also going to donate pizza ingredients at no cost.

Omar – who has also fundraised with the support of his staff for the people of Ukraine – wants to support Trócaire which has been working with partners in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel for over 20 years to support those affected by violence and human rights violations.

The agency helps to raise international awareness around the human rights situation, and in Ireland has an ongoing campaign to end trade with illegal Israeli settlements.

Trócaire’s Cork Officer, Janet Twomey, thanked Omar and his team for their generosity.

Ms Twomey said: “We are working with partners to support the thousands who are suffering serious human rights abuses on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza. For over half a century, Israel has maintained a military occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT).”

“Due to military bombardments and an ongoing blockade, 80% of people in Gaza depend on aid to survive. In the West Bank, Palestinian homes are being demolished. Land is being confiscated. Illegal settlements are being built on land stolen from families. Their houses are demolished to make way for illegal Israeli settlements.”

While the Irish Government agrees that these settlements are a violation of international law and a major barrier to peace in the region, Ms Twomey said it continues to allow trade with them.

Omar said: “It has been great to see the support from my staff, who are working for free, and suppliers. We’ve gotten free flour, hot sauce and a free ham to make the pizzas on Monday. It’s great to see everyone coming together for a good cause.”

He added: “Things are very bad for the people of Gaza at the moment, so I wanted to do something to support them. All proceeds from pizza sales on Monday will go to Trócaire so they can continue to support those in Gaza,” Omar said.

Omar was born in Ireland but spent some time in growing up in Syria, a country that has seen an 11-year conflict resulting in millions of people fleeing the country.

“We raised €1,000 for the people of Ukraine, which we were really proud of. It’s a very hard time for everyone with the cost-of-living increases, we’re definitely seeing the impacts here on the business, but we need to also remember those who are struggling elsewhere in the world.”

“I hope the people of Cork will come out on Monday to support us and the people of Gaza. The Irish people have always been great supporters of the Palestinian people so I’m sure it will be a great day.”

You can order a pizza online from Locale Roman Pizza at

You can support Trócaire’s work in Palestine by donating to

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