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Cork Funeral Director: Some Drivers Feel They Are More Entitled To Be On The Road Than A Funeral Hearse

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RedFM News

12:22 5 Feb 2022

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Some drivers feel they are more entitled to be on the road than a funeral hearse.

That's according to Cork funeral director, Finbarr O'Connor who has spoken out about the lack of respect he has seen people show to funeral processions in the city.

Finbarr O'Connor of O'Connor's Funeral Home, North Gate Bridge detailed three incidents which took place over the last 6 months which prompted him to write a company facebook post, asking people to pause and give way, when they meet a funeral on the road.

The Cork Funeral Director says that the rude behaviour does not go unnoticed by the deceased's loved ones.

Speaking to RedFM News, Finbarr O'Connor says the most recent incident happened only last week:

"We were heading to a cemetery. We came to traffic lights. A driver pulled in behind the two family cars, which were behind the horse and started honking his horn as in "Come on, hurry up. I haven't got all day." Those three incidents: when we got to the cemetery, it was actually commented on by the families. They were disgusted."

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