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Cork County Council is to mount a campaign calling out gender violence

RedFM News
RedFM News

01:58 26 Jan 2022

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It comes after the recent murder of teacher Ashling Murphy in Co Tullamore who was attacked and killed as she went out for an afternoon run.

Fine Gael Councillor Eileen Lynch submitted the motion on gender violence at this week's Council meeting as she says many women receive commentary that their male counterparts do not have to put up with.

She added that she believes it's her duty as a councillor to call out gender based abuse and to work on eradicating it from society.

Cllr Lynch proposed the council run a media campaign working alongside SafeIreland, Women’s Aid and the National Women’s Council to counter violence against women.

Speaking to RedFM News she says Ashling Murphy's killing led to a national outpouring of sympathy, fear and disgust and this needs to be harnessed to try and effect change:

"Women are taught things like, be careful that you know you have keys in your hands in order to protect yourself when you're walking out late. There are things that we are taught as young women, that men just don't get taught because it's different. It's kind of a thing that they don't need that. And it's that inequality that we need to challenge and that we need to open the narrative on. And I suppose the Ashling Murphy case really opened this up for people, because if you look at previous cases, unfortunately, the dialogue revolved around what was she wearing? Why was she on her own? Why she drunk? Why was she there? And you know, these questions are irrelevant and should always be irrelevant. But in the case of Ashling Murphy, they didn't come into play."

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