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Census 2022 Reassures Homes who have not Received Census Forms

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01:55 1 Apr 2022

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The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has moved to reassure households who have not yet received a census form that deliveries are continuing. While the delivery of census forms has progressed well, the CSO has advised that there is likely to be a small number of homes that will receive a census form after 3 April and therefore complete it retrospectively.

The delivery of census forms commenced in early March conducted by a team of over 5,000 enumerators. As of midnight on 1 April a total of 1.8m forms have been delivered, representing 95% of households in the country, with significant progress expected over the next three days.

Households that have not yet received a census form, or been contacted by an enumerator, are urged to contact the CSO by visiting or calling 0818 2022 04 to request a form. The helpdesk will operate between 11am and 6pm on Saturday and Sunday of this weekend.

As with previous censuses there have been certain areas where completing deliveries has been challenging. This has included Dublin and Limerick city centres as well as parts of Donegal and Waterford. Areas with a high density of apartment buildings, which can present access challenges, have particularly been impacted. COVID 19 has also led to localised disruption where some enumerators have been required to isolate.

Eileen Murphy, Head of Census Administration reassured those who have not yet received a census form that there is no cause for concern. “Our team of enumerators have been doing sterling work and have almost completed the task of delivering a form to every home in the county.

“In recent days, a number of enumerators have been reallocated to areas where further deliveries are still required. Enumerators will now also post forms into homes where they have been unable to make personal contact.

All of these efforts will ensure only a very small number of households will not have a census form on Census night. This is nothing to be concerned about and has occurred with previous censuses. Deliveries will continue beyond this weekend and forms can be completed retrospectively based on the situation in that home on census night.”

Ms Murphy concluded “The people of Ireland have always been extremely supportive of Census and we thank them for their overwhelming support of Census 2022. If, however you have not yet received a census form we do urge you to contact us to ensure you’re fulfilling your legal obligations to be included on a census form.”


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