ATM operators may soon be lega...


ATM operators may soon be legally forced to dispense €10 and €20 notes

Kellie Murphy
Kellie Murphy

10:29 2 Apr 2024

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The Government is being urged to mandate ATM operators to provide notes smaller than €50 for withdrawal.

A report from the Oireachtas Finance Committee is recommending banks and operators should be legally forced to dispense 10 and 20 euro notes.

The committee has been examining the Access to Cash Bill, and has also welcomed a provision that allows the Finance Minister to prohibit or cap any access fees at the machines.

Independent TD Mattie McGrath thinks the government is attempting to phase out cash, and these suggestions are just a publicity stunt:

"It's like playing hurling without a ball. They're not listening to the people, they're playing games with the people, mind games. I know the real situation. So do many, many dwellers in rural towns and areas where they don't have the ATMs. Now they're saying that ATM's must dispense less than €50 notes. €20 notes and that.  If you don't have the ATM machine, you can't get it."

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