Annual Cork City Marathon Unde...


Annual Cork City Marathon Underway

RedFM News
RedFM News

09:19 4 Jun 2023

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The annual Cork City Marathon is underway.

Over 10,000 participants are running either the the 42.195km marathon, the half marathon or the new 10k race.

Supporters are advised to wear suitable sun protection such as a high factor sunscreen and a hat, and to ensure they bring a supply of water with them as they may be standing in the sun for quite some time.

Rolling road closures are in place across the city.

Speaking to RedFM News, Cork City Marathon Race Director, Eamon Hayes says motorists should go to for up-to-date information on road closures:

"The route is a 26-mile route and it takes up an awful lot of the city. So the vital thing to do is get on our website and look at the specific road closures. Patrick Street and around the Island started closing from 5am. Most of the rest of the roads started closing from half seven. to be sure, you just really need to look at the website and get the exact road times for the road that you're going to be travelling. We're kind of borrowing the city for the day, so we try to reduce the amount of trouble for people really, but there are significant closures at the same time".

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