A group representing Indian Nu...


A group representing Indian Nurses in Cork says being able to renew residence permits online will be lifechanging

Lana O'Connor
Lana O'Connor

05:32 19 Jun 2024

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A group representing Indian Nurses in Cork says spending six hours travelling to Dublin for a visa is better than waiting six months on the application process in Cork

It comes as the registration of immigration permissions in Cork as well as Limerick will now be centralised in the capital with renewals done online.

The group of Indian Nurses protested outside the immigration office on Anglesea Street less than a month ago to highlight the healthcare workers frustration in the delays securing residency permits.

Speaking to RedFM News, Janet Baby Joseph of Cork Indian Nurses says the new system will significantly reduce waiting times for securing work permits

"We had so much anxiety with regard to it. We had mothers whose children are in India, waiting to bring them and they cannot travel due to the IRP delays so his will be a great relief to students as well as mother waiting for their kids, spouses waiting too for a work permit so they can work, and so on"

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