16 Year Old Cobh Girl's Family...


16 Year Old Cobh Girl's Family Attempting To Raise €300,000 For Surgery In US But Can't Understand Why She Can't Be Treated In Ireland

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01:22 20 Jan 2023

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A 16 year old Cobh girl whose family need to raise €300,000 for surgery in the US says she can't understand why she can't be treated in Ireland.

Junior Cert student Katie Byrne has cerebral palsy and has had a dislocated hip since she was two years old.

Katie had surgery in America in 2014 when she was 7 which allowed her to walk by herself for the first time ever.

Her family now need to raise funds for her to get another operation in Florida followed by 6 weeks of post-surgery physical therapy.

Speaking to RedFM News, Katie says she is used to dealing with pain and falls:

"I've been told that I have a very high threshold of pain, but I do experience a decent amount of pain. Sometimes my legs will seize up and I'll just have to have a hot water bottle, or there'll be some days that I can't go to school because of the pain. So it affects what I'm doing in school, because I'm doing my Junior Cert. This morning, I woke up and I fell when I got up, so I had to get help to get up but I just took painkillers and went to school, because it's only a half day today. If I was doing anything like P.E., I probably wouldn't have gone to school, because I wouldn't have been able to do anything".

Details of the GoFundMe campaign can be found at:

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