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Cork actress Siobhan McSweeney lands Disney+ Comedy role

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11:50 2 Dec 2021

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Cork actress Siobhan McSweeney became a household name after her hilarious portrayal of nun Sister Michael in the hit series Derry Girls. 

Well now she is going to bring Cork into the Disney world as she landed a new role in a Disney+ Superhero Comedy ‘Extraordinary.’ 

She took to Twitter to announce the news saying: 

My new adventure. I’m bloody lucky. Lads, the scripts are just fab! Lucky lucky me.” 

Other well-known stars are set to appear in the project with the list including: Máiréad Tyers who recently starred in Belfast and Sofia Oxenham who was in Poldark. 

‘Extraordinary’ was written by Emma Moran and is to be produced by Sid Gentle Films. 

The Disney Plus website describe the new project as:

“A British superhero comedy series, which follows Jen, a young, painfully self-aware woman who lives in a world where everyone has a superpower… except her.   This is a fresh, innovative comedy about being young and finding your feet in a confusing world, when all you’ll ever be is ‘ordinary’. ‘Extraordinary’ is a celebration of the anti-superhero, giving people permission to embrace their general okay-ness.

“Extraordinary” is being created in London, England, and is part of 60 Disney+ Originals planned to be created within Europe by 2024.”

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