The Life Hustle - Episode 17 - Mum on the Run with Lorraine Spillane

The Life Hustle

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 - 54 minutes

Emer interviews Cork mother of three, Lorraine Spillane whose youngest son Harry has a rare metabolic condition called Tyrosinemia Type 1 where he is missing an enzyme to break down protein in his body. Lorraine has penned a beautiful book called Mum on the Run with the proceeds going to Temple Street Children's Hospital who have been amazing to Harry and all the family since he was born. This is an uplifting, inspiring conversation with a mother who has embraced huge change in her life, viewing the challenges her family has encountered as a gift and blessing and how Harry's unique condition makes him so special, enriching all their lives, with lovely parenting tips along the way!

The Life Hustle is presented by Emer O’Mahony & Vivienne Kelly

Produced by Kilian Pettit.