The Life Hustle - Episode 10 - Direct Provision

The Life Hustle

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019 - 56 minutes

After working closely for the past few months with teenagers living in Direct Provision at the Cork Migrant Centre, Emer and Viv recorded this special episode to create awareness about some of the inspiring stories from people living in Direct Provision in Cork. They speak with Debrah, a lawyer, who had to flee her home country with her three children while pregnant, to seek a safe place in our city and the many challenges she has overcome. Special guest on the episode is Dr. Naomi Masheti from the Cork Migrant Centre who shares her experiences working to create a better life for the migrants she meets at the Centre, located in Nano Nagle Place. Inspiring conversations with women experiencing life in Direct Provision in Ireland today, working hard to overcome the many barriers they face.

Produced by Kilian Pettit