Cesc, Simulation, and How Cheaters CAN Prosper

Trailing 2-1 away to Sevilla on Saturday night, Cesc Fabregas was brutally assaulted, shot in the face, and headbutted 18 times as Gary Medel gets a red card. Except, he didn't. I despise that kind of thing in football. It's out and out cheating. Simple as. I think back to my AUL days, and if I had done what Cesc had done, my OWN players probably would have clobbered me. It's embarrassing, and I hope his manager had a word with him afterwards. Although, what with it being Barcelona, home to Sergio Biscuits and Dani the diver Alves, I'd have my doubts. Barca went on to win 3-2 after that, proving that cheaters can prosper.

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