RTÉ's Decision To Announce Ten...


RTÉ's Decision To Announce Ten Million Euro Cut To Programming In 2024 "Risky"

Breda Forrest
Breda Forrest

01:11 1 Dec 2023

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RTÉ's decision to announce a ten million euro cut to programming in 2024 has been described as a "risky decision."

The State broadcaster revealed yesterday Fair City, The Young Offenders and The Money List are among the shows impacted.

Fair City will be cut from four nights per week to three nights from January 4th, while in-house factual programming and entertainment shows will also be affected.

Chairperson of the Communications Clinic, Terry Prone, says changes to RTÉ's leading soap may not sit well with viewers:

"Obviously, actors are not going to do as well out of Fair City, and it is something of a risk, because the kind of people who watch soap operas are creatures of habit, and if you remove one of the elements of that habit, is a risky decision".

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