LISTEN: Neil Speaks To 100 Year Old Mary McGrath

This interview touched many hearts around Cork today.

Mary McGrath celebrated her 100th birthday recently. She was born on Easter Monday 1916 on the day the Easter Rising began. Mary spoke to Neil this morning about what life was like growing up in Cork and what's the secret to a healthy, long life. Mary also treated us to a sing along to her favourite song by Nat King Cole.

We got a fantastic reaction to the interview! Here are some of the messages we received during and following Mary being on-air:

  • Neil, what an incredible lady that Mary is If you could only give us 5mins of her everyday, wouldn’t we all be in the better place...........fantastic lady........Seamus....       
  • Ah Neil, what a radio moment. Such an emotional experience listening to you interview that lady. You should give courses on communicating with the elderly. My own mother is 92 but not possible sadly to have such a conversation with her anymore. Well done. The old familiar song tipped me over the edge and I bawled all the way to CUH for my annual appointment. Makeup ruined but thanks for the joy of listening to all that. Jane...
  • Mary making me smile listening to her story s xx. Jackie         
  • Hi neil, that old lady is so nice, lovely to hear such a nice person on the radio, your great with her.;-). Helen     
  • Love that amazing lady on the radio, she sounds so happy and full of life!. Wish I could be like her and I m in my 40ths she puts a smile on my facexxxx lisa         
  • That laugh makes me laugh everytime! what a cute old woman! joanne  
  • What a super lady,A real tonic.Breda
  • What an inspirational lady. Lovely to listen to her x make ya smile x lydia       
  • Outstanding. 
  • Neil What A Great Interview With That Lady From Mary Dublin Hill       
  • Omg Neil , that was a gorgeous chat you had with that lady . She s amazing & you were amazing with her having the chats . I loved her singing along to Nat King Cole as I too am a huge fan . So emotional. Xx
  • That was a fantastic interview with mary i was gripped it would only be neil who would carry it off he's brilliant love the show mgt.
  • Hi Neil. . What an incredible interview with that incredible lady.. I was in floods of tears when she sang along to that song. . Well done my man... PS you would only get it in cork. Up the rebels.
  • Hi Neil that was wonderful having that wonderful woman on the air she's great , I have nothing down in the house I had to stop and just listen to her but it was worth it , thanks Donna from mallow ᖟᘴ     
  • Amazing chat Neil with Mary McGrath,you had me crying with Nat king cole,well done!!!! Helen Brooks in ballinlough    
  • Neil, nicest piece of radio I ve ever herd xx  
  • Best interview I ever heard, what a lady.     
  • Well done Neil with Mary a great woman love the song brought back memory s Eileen   
  • There's so much weeping and gnashing of teeth on radio, that lady should b broadcast regularly! Helen.kinsale           
  • Great interview Neil such a great gesture playing her track well done              
  • Great breakfast radio this morning guys. Loved it. Wish I lived seventy years ago and cycle to gugane Barr A. Great piece guys. Maurice. 
  • Neil what was the song you played for the lady it was beautiful...    
  • What a lovely lady she is so full of life. I danced around to that song with my 1year old and as Mary sang along she brought tears to my ear, beautiful.That s what life is about, thank you Mary    
  • Hi Neil, Congrats on a fantastic interview, what a breath of fresh air Mary is and u were so good and kind with her, u have just made my Tuesday, love the show Neil, u are fab!!!     
  • Thank you so much ϰᥧ         
  • That interview with the women was brilliant please put it up on your Facebook page so people can like it and see how many hits it make well done Niall       
  • Hi Neil I was listening to that lady she s lovely. My Nan is 90 today and she is just a dote.
  • Well done once again Neil. Michael from whitechurch       
  • You've conducted some good interviews neil but mary has to be one of the best. She is an amazing lady. Really cheered me up. Lovely lady.     
  • Hi Neil, give that woman her own show, i would listen to her all day and night she s a cork woman thru/and thru, love her, eddie.         
  • What a wonderful lady. Beautiful to listen to her. So well spoken. Well done. Majella.
  • Omg i love that woman... I'm in tears over that song brill well done neil   
  • What a woman I love her - ber       
  • Well done neil I'm in bits... brilliant       
  • What a pure joy that lady is. She is a breath of fresh air   
  • Well done Neil just shows your class absolutely magic well done Mary   
  • That mary Is an absolute breath of fresh air .Touched the heart strings 
  • What a brilliant woman, well done Mary              
  • What an inspiration Neil, I am driving and trying to see through tears! Suz

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