Leader Of Green Party Will Not...


Leader Of Green Party Will Not Travel Back To Ireland For No-Confidence Motion In Justice Minister Helen McEntee Tomorrow

Breda Forrest
Breda Forrest

11:27 4 Dec 2023

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The leader of the Green Party will NOT travel back to Ireland for the no-confidence motion in Justice Minister Helen McEntee tomorrow.

Environment Minister Eamon Ryan - who's currently attending COP28 in Dubai - was planning to make a return trip to the UAE in order to continue climate talks after casting his Dáil vote.

However, the Social Democrats have stepped in, with the party's Environment Spokesperson Jennifer Whitmore offering to 'pair' with Minister Ryan, allowing him to stay in Dubai.

She said it won't change the outcome of the motion as their "votes will simply cancel each other out, but will allow for continuity at [the] climate talks".

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