Israeli Military Expanding Gro...


Israeli Military Expanding Ground Operation Into "All Areas" Of Gaza Strip

Breda Forrest
Breda Forrest

12:18 4 Dec 2023

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The Israeli military says it's expanding its ground operation into "all areas" of the Gaza Strip - following the resumption of fighting on Friday.

It has reiterated its call for people living in the south of Gaza to leave urgently, as it widens its offensive.

Mark Regev, a senior adviser to Israel's prime minister, insists they're focusing strikes on militants.

"We don't want to see a single innocence civilian, especially not children, caught up in the crossfire between us and the Hamas terrorists. For us, it is also a moral imperative, as it is a strategic imperative. They both go hand in hand. What our challenges is, is we face a brutal and horrific enemy Hamas".

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