High Court Orders Demolition A...


High Court Orders Demolition And Land Reinstatement In Response To Unauthorised Development

Breda Forrest
Breda Forrest

07:05 27 Dec 2023

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Cork County Council has welcomes the High Court's recent order directing an East Cork developer to take down an unauthorised development and reinstate the land.
This decision by the newly established Planning and Environment Court follows complaints about unauthorised structures in East Cork.
Cork County Council sought an injunction from the Planning and Environment Court.
The aim was to stop all works on the site due to complaints about alleged unauthorised development.
This decision came after the developer reportedly took no action following warning letters.
The new division of the High Court, established on 11th December 2023, expedited the matter, with hearings held on 19th and 21st of December.
This case was among the first heard by the newly formed Court.
The County Council claims the swift handling of the case underscores the gravity that the Courts attach to instances of alleged unauthorised development.
In a hearing on 21st December, the Court issued a Consent Order ordering the developer to deconstruct the unauthorised development and reinstate the land within 100 days.
The Council says this represents a significant step in upholding planning regulations and addressing concerns raised by the community.

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