WHO expert: Ireland's recovery from the third wave of Covid has been 'strong and dramatic'

Dr David Nabarro is warning of the danger of a fourth wave, however.  

556 new cases were confirmed here yesterday, along with 68 additional deaths.

It was the lowest number of cases in over seven weeks- there were nearly 7,000 this day last month. 

Dr David Nabarro, the World Health Organisation's special envoy on Covid-19, says Ireland's rapidly improving:

"Well I look across Europe at the rate of which numbers of cases are declining. I also study rates of hospitalisation and I do see Ireland is in an exceptional position. This virus is capable of surging back with an incredible ferocity. I think having had three waves it's quite likely there will be a fourth wave, and that fourth wave will be much more likely and more serious if we do take our foot off the pedal."

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