Warning not to store large amounts of hand sanitiser at home or in cars

People are being warned not to keep large amounts of hand sanitiser in their home or car because of the risk of fire. 

Dublin Fire Brigade says the high alcohol content means it needs to be treated with the same care as any other accelerant. 

But it says a claim circulating on social media that it could catch fire in a hot car is unproven. 

Station Officer Darren O'Connor says hand sanitiser is an essential item at the moment -- but it has to be handled with care. 

"We would advice people to keep as little as possible in your car, in an enclosed space in your home.

"Keep it away from ignition sources, keep it away from flammable sources.

"If you're going to use it on your hands, make sure it's evaporated and your hands are completely dry before you have a cigarette or you go to light a barbecue etc.

"It is a flammable liquid, but it's a need to have item at the moment.

"We would advice to keep as little an amount as you need."

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