The Vintners Federation Of Ireland Is Accusing The Government Of Splitting The Pub Trade In 2

The VFi says the Government has been hypocritical when it comes to Covid restrictions

Pubs that serve food will be allowed to open from next Friday, but wet pubs won't be allowed open this year.

The group says over 22,000 people will stay on the PUP payment over Christmas and have no chance of returning to work in the New Year. 

Vintners Federation of Ireland Chief Executive, Padraig Cribben says it shows the Government has no trust in pub owners:

'The Taoiseach said in his speech that it was a question of personal responsibility and trust. Effectively what he saying is, the government doesn't trust the publicans, doesn't trust the 22,000 people employed by those publicans, and in particular doesn't trust the patrons that frequent those outlets and I think that's, that's very sad.'

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