Taoiseach says zero-COVID strategy won't work due differing rules here and in Northern Ireland

The Taoiseach says a zero-COVID strategy won't work because of the differing rules here and in Northern Ireland. 

Micheál Martin has been urged by People Before Profit to change the current approach to living alongside the virus.

It's likely current restrictions will be extended until the end of February after a cabinet meeting next Tuesday. 

The Taoiseach Micheál Martin says he doesn't believe a zero-COVID approach in Ireland is realistic, "I also said that I didn't believe that we could achieve a zero COVID strategy and deliver it, and even now, in the context of dealing with COVID the situation in Northern Ireland is problematic in terms of for example, even when we banned flights from the UK, into the Republic, of course, people flew into, Belfast, and the prospect of sealing the border between the North and the Republic is not reality."

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