Special Schools Will Not Open This Week After The Government Was Forced To Abandon The Plan

The Department of Education says the decision was down to "a lack of co-operation" from teacher unions.

The Irish National Teachers Organisation and Forsa had earlier called on the minister to postpone the reopening, saying "efforts to reassure staff schools are safe had failed".

Further engagement between the Department and unions is expected over the coming days to reach an agreement.

CEO of Inclusion Ireland, Enda Egan, says the news is devastating for the children and their families:

"Unfortunately, this issue has been handled very wrongly, right from the start and become the issue that keeps on giving in terms of mixed messaging and then in terms of this being not focused on the children with special education needs and their families. This is an issue that is affecting an awful lot of people around this country who are are waking up to this really devastating news for them."


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