Ryanair CEO: Vaccine Requirement Isn't Relevant For Short-Haul European Flights

The head of Australian airline Qantas announced yesterday it would be likely a jab would be needed before boarding a flight with the company in the future.

Head of Ryanair Eddie Wilson says the plan would be more effective in Australia as one of the only ways to get there is via air travel.

He said, if someone refused to get a vaccine for a flight, they could just cross borders by land:

"You've got land base borders, I mean Australia is a long way from everywhere and the only way on and off it is through air travel and they've got particular challenges, and in Europe, the way people jump on and off aircraft and trains and that's not relevant for a landmass like Europe which, you know, a large number of nations that are interconnected. In Paris if you were to choose to go to vaccination you just get a train instead."


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