Outdoor dining is crucial for the hospitality sector in Cork in order for businesses to get a bounce this year 

That's according to the owner of Nash-19 in the city

Hotels and restaurants are set to be the last sector to reopen under the latest plan announced by the Taoiseach at the start of the week 

The sector had hoped to reopen ahead of the critical summer trading months, it's now expected that cafes, hotels and pubs will remain closed until June 

Owner of Nash 19 in the city Claire Nash told RedFM News that businesses should be allowed to reopen in stages as the season will be very short  

"We need to be more realistic in what we can do, let people get open in stages. If the outdoor dining bit is the one that we can do let us do it. And then that let us start to get people back to work. We do need to make some more changes, probably indoors and outdoors to re-configurate because it will be a different way of trading. is June late? It is" 

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