One Person A Week Allowed To Visit Nursing Home Resident Through Level 3 And 4 Covid-19 Restrictions

Under Level 5 the rule would change to one person every two weeks.

Nursing Homes Ireland says new guidance on visits to nursing homes are a positive development for both families and residents.

It will take effect from December 7th and replaces window visits.

Tadhg Daly from Nursing Homes Ireland says strict health and safety measures will be in place during the visits:

"The nursing home sector is in a much better space now, we have regular access to PPE, there is serial testing of all staff ongoing all the time, but clearly we need to maintain that vigilance right throughout, and that would mean working with- obviously the staff have been heroic throughout in ensuring and maintaining social connectedness and communication now will be key with families and with residents over the coming weeks and months."

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