NPHET plays down hopes of schools reopening before September

A leading health official is playing down hopes of schools reopening before September.

It’s after an expert from the World Health Organisation said the Government should consider reopening them, as our cases of Covid 19 are declining.

There are now over 24,200 confirmed cases and 1,561 people have died.

Cillian de Gascun from the National Public Health Emergency Team says reopening schools would be risky.

"We've just released the first level of restrictions and we want to see how that has an impact. 

"We have done very well, the numbers are low and they're going in the right direction.

"We believe, and we'll have more evidence for this in June, we believe the majority of society, the majority of the population still remain susceptible.

"Bringing children back to school too early runs a risk."

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