Marymount invites public to sponsor a virtual sunflower as Sunflower Days campaign impacted by COVID19

Marymount Hospice say they're hoping tomorrow's annual Sunflower Day will be a successful fundraising day for them despite COVID19 restrictions.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak Marymount has had to cancel its biggest street collection campaign of the year – the Hospice Sunflower Days - which raises approximately €100,000 every year.

This campaign a vital source of funding for Marymount, which needs to raise €3.5 million each year to resource front-line core work in delivery of care.

Speaking to RedFM News Head of Fundraising and Communications at Marymount Paula McGovern says as an alternative the public are being invited to sponsor a virtual sunflower in Marymount's online garden:

The virtual garden can be found here:

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