Holohan - "don't expect Christmas drinks in pubs"

The Chief Medical Officer has suggested Christmas drinks in pubs won't be recommended as part of new Covid-19 guidelines being drawn up.

NPHET is currently working on advice aimed at making sure people socialise in a safe manner during the festive season.

A further 270 cases of the virus were confirmed last night with one additional death, while the estimated 14 day incidence rate has fallen to 161.

Dr Tony Holohan doesn't expect Christmas drinks in pubs to be possible when Level 5 is lifted.

"That is not our advice, and it's not the advice I anticipate giving, and I'm not going start speculating any further than that on exactly what we're going to say.

"We're going to give what we think is the appropriate advice in relation to what we think is safe and effective measures that we think we can adopt."

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