Health Minister Says There's 'Pretty Strong Evidence' That Superspreader Events Are Linked To Wet Pubs

Last week the government announced they would not reopen over the Christmas period

New data is said to have influenced their decision.

The study, by consultants EY, found an increase in 14 day infection rates in Cork, Limerick and Galway cities when they opened in late September.

Minister Stephen Donnelly says there's growing evidence that wet pubs contribute to superspreader events:

'Pubs unfortunately become places, in spite of the very, very best efforts of publicans around the country, where people do let their guard down. We begin to talk a little bit louder we begin to get a little bit closer to each other. And these so called Super spreading events, and there's mounting evidence that about 10% of these of these events cause about 80% of the cases. We do have pretty strong evidence now that they are linked to combinations including things that happen in web pubs.'

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