Head of NPHET's modelling group has "no concerns" about plan to reopen society over the summer

Professor Philip Nolan says the measures announced by government last week have been "carefully calibrated"

He says the planned reopening can work if people follow the rules.

The planned easing of restrictions begins on Tuesday with the full return of construction, while intercounty travel and larger outdoors meetups will be allowed from next Monday.

However Professor Nolan says variants could cause a "bump on the road":

"If B117 is at the upper end of that transmissibility, we could unfortunately see increases in case numbers. And that's why we have this very appropriately and governments are very cautious approach. One thing at a time, the safest things first, we are to be clear about it going to have to learn as we go. There may be a bump on the road where we find something is less safe than we think."



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