Government look set to close schools until the end of the month in response to rising rates of Covid-19

The proposals are being discussed at the cabinet sub-committee today before a final decision is made tomorrow

Stephen Murphy is at Government Buildings for RedFM News 

"The government's been resisting calls to close schools but the surge in coronavirus cases has now made it inevitable.

They're set to stay shut until the end of the month - with a review to take place on January 30th.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly says transmission rates within schools remain low:

Ministers are giving consideration to how children with special needs and disabilities could be supported if there's a switch to remote learning.

The Ombudsman for Children has said a blanket closure would disproportionately affect those students.

The cabinet sub-committee is also looking at the potential closure of the construction sector.

But any extra restrictions are unlikely to include stricter travel limits - which is set to remain at 5 kilometres from your home.


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