EU launches action over AstraZeneca shortfalls

AstraZeneca says it will strongly defend itself in court, as the EU launches legal action over vaccine delivery shortfalls.

The European Commission is taking the action against AstraZeneca for not respecting its contract for Covid-19 vaccines and for not having a "reliable" plan for timely deliveries.

Vaccine shortages have significantly affected rollout campaigns across EU countries.

Gavin Barrett is a professor specialising in European law in UCD - he says it's not clear what the outcome of the legal action will be.

"I think the European Union have a case, even a strong case.

"But it's not absolutely clear that they will win a contractual action.

"If I were in their position I'd certainly be bringing the case, and they're certainly supported by all the member states, but it's not absolutely clear that they will win."

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